Reimagining Hempcrete

We're setting the standard for high-performing carbon-negative building materials. Let us help you meet your net-zero home, building, or green infrastructure goals. 



Carver CO2 was founded in Columbus Ohio in late 2020. We are an early-stage advanced building technologies company that is looking to secure funds to conduct research and manufacture bricks, blocks, and boards that are the highest performing carbon-negative building products on the market. Our purpose is to improve the energy efficiency of our built environment while becoming a catalyst for circular economy. Our patent-pending curing method produces hempcrete building materials with superior strength, durability, and environmental footprint. 


We take CO2 that has been captured from fermentation (brewery/distillery), energy production (fossil fuels), and/or lime-binder manufacturers (supplier) and sequester it into hempcrete building materials. This carbon acceleration process is not only more sustainable but produces a stronger and more durable precast hempcrete product. Carver CO2 building materials are not only going to be the top rate carbon-negative building materials on the market, but the “Carver CO2 Cycle” reduces the amount of energy that is needed to make status quo concrete products. Our products naturally sequester CO2 during the growing cycle of hemp fiber, we use a proprietary formula the eliminates the need for portland cement, and our products are cured within minutes. 


Carver CO2 is pioneering an effort to cure precast hempcrete products using CO2. Our building products will  be designed to reduce embodied energy of buildings, optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, and indoor air quality of the built environment. Other CO2 curing companies advertise that they reduce emissions by 50-70%, but this isn't good enough. At Carver CO2 we're committed to producing economically feasible carbon negative building products. 


Carver CO2 is currently in the startup stage and is working alongside researchers to gather the early data that is needed to bring our building materials to market. We are aggressively pursuing research funds and networking with strategic partners that are interested in participating in our journey. More specifically we are looking to immediately work with green building architects during our R&D process and connect with regional concrete manufacturers that are looking to offer green building materials.  It is the perfect time to disrupt the building and construction space and at Carver CO2 we are building a sustainable foundation for the long-haul. 


Carver CO2 seeks to solve the two most obvious problems in the building industry; (1) sustainability and (2) energy efficiency. Buildings account for a tremendous amount of our global energy consumption and roughly 40% of our CO2 emissions can be contributed to the built environment. At Carver CO2 we make it easier for builders and organizations to meet their net-zero promises. Contact us today and lets start collaborating on your next net-zero project.


"Where there is no vision there is no hope. When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world" - George Washington Carver

Our long term visions revolves around commercializing CO2 technology to process and pretreat raw materials, manufacture advanced materials, and build longer lasting and secure built environments


To provide green building professionals an easy solution to build better and provide regional concrete manufacturers an opportunity to build carbon negative and high-performance building materials. 


We exist to create the future. Our long-term vision is to become a catalyst for the utilization of CO2 and usher in an era of material abundance. We believe that the utilization of captured CO2 is going to play a defining role in building circular economies and will enable a paradigm shift toward carbon-negative building materials. 


Our team believes that the world needs real leadership. We believe leadership is earned and in these extraordinary times, we need people who are contrarian, candid, and willing to be controversial. We strive to create a company culture that is built upon accountability, innovation, education, and questioning. 



In today's world, sustainability plays a key role in long-term success and we seek to help builders, developers, designers, and corporations achieve net-zero. Carbon negative building material is about to see a surge of investments from venture capital, corporate and governments. 


We are creating attractive and financially feasible net-zero opportunities that will be launched in 2022. Our building materials are being designed for youthful new owners that want to feel inspired by the homes they live in. We’re actively looking to work with families that care about their own health and the health of the planet. Contact us today to get on our pre-sales list. 

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LEED Certified Professionals, Designers, & Architects

No matter the design. No matter the location. Hempcrete and Carver CO2 can deliver. Our building materials will create new opportunities for sustainable building professionals and become the preferred material for net-zero and passive building designs. Contact us today to become a certified building and design partner. 

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Real Estate Developers, Governments, & Corporations

No project is too big or small. We work with residential and commercial developers, conscious governments, and large corporations. We are building the future of building material and we invite developers to join our network. 

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Home Buyers
& Builders

People looking for eco-friendly homes to complete their eco-friendly lifestyles. Say YES to Carver CO2 building materials and systems. The best choice for the off-the-grid renaissance man. Our precast hempcrete system removes all of the guess work and long-build times that come with traditional hempcrete homes.