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Named After A Legend

“Always help the furthest man down” – George Washington Carver

Carver CO2 is named after one of the greatest scientists, agriculturalists, and inventors of all time, George Washington Carver. Carver represented self-sufficiency and sustainability before its time and was one of the first scientists who understood the connection between human and environmental health. Carver is most known for his work with peanuts, but his achievements are diverse and his story is often under-appreciated.


At Carver CO2 we seek to pay respect to Mr. Carver's legacy and resurrect the chemurgy movement that he led with his industrialist friend Henry Ford.  Carver's vision was to build and manufacturer products using the endless supply of farm materials and Ford built upon Carver's vision and believed that that modern automobiles would be made from plant plastics that were reinforced with natural fibers. The Carver CO2 bio-refinery and technology platform is going to turn their visions into reality.  Carver's rare genius inspired Ford and he inspires our team to build a better tomorrow.

GWC was more than just a scientist, and Carver CO2 is more than just a company, we’re here for humanity. We represent artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and biologists. We build products for universal people and organizations. At Carver CO2 we're about staying above the ruts of society. 

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