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Dear Shareholders & Potential Shareholders,

We are a company that is for the people and the environment. Our team is committed to transforming this vision into real value for the communities and shareholders that we serve. This vision statement is written to give shareholders, partners, and early customers insights into where our company intends to accomplish. As CEO, my #1 job is reducing risk, #2 job is capital allocation, and #3 job is motivating and leading the team around a shared vision.  

PayPal co-founder and investor Peter Thiel famously said, “Tell me something that's true, that almost nobody agrees with you on.” As founder of Carver CO2, the true fact that nobody agrees with me on is that carbon dioxide (CO2) is going to be the catalyst for circular economies and be the focal point of the 4th industrial revolution. 

Carver CO2 was founded to turn this fact into reality and our purpose is to become the leaders in applying (1) carbon capture technology & (2) supercritical CO2 fluids to industrial processes in agriculture and manufacturing. The 4th industrial revolution will revolve around the utilization of CO2 and the development of higher quality natural products, advanced materials, and material abundance.

Shared Vision

The global society has shared vision of building energy-efficient, carbon negative, and economically feasible homes and buildings is going to be made possible with hempcrete. Improving energy efficiency, breathability and sustainability of buildings aren’t just good for the environment, but it's good for our local economies. Carver CO2 intends to combine agricultural processing, carbon capture, supercritical CO2, and off-the-grid energy production to develop the world’s first industrial supply chains that are carbon negative. 

There is an increasing demand for energy-efficient and green industrial processes. Our company transcends the areas of applied chemistry, biology, and engineering technology. We believe that “you won’t make tomorrow’s product using yesterday’s processes”. The supercritical platform and technology that is championed by Carver CO2 will become the future of green processing platforms and circular economies.

Carver CO2 supports the development of CO2 opportunity zones where CO2 capture companies and CO2 utilization companies can create synergies by minimizing transportation costs that come with the CO2 feedstock. The utilization of CO2 is going to be the catalyst that unlocks the exponential growth of advanced materials and material abundance. CO2 utilization will also allow us to recycle, re-use, and sterilize materials at the end of their lifecycle. We have a diverse number of competitors, but no one is doing exactly what we are doing due to a lack of knowledge and the ultra-conservative markets that we plan on disrupting. We have the best vision and strategy for ushering in an era of circular economies. 

We are going to take an environmental liability and turn it into an industrial asset that will transform our economies. We seek to be the first environmentally and economically sustainable bio-refinery and manufacturing company in the world. 

Carver CO2 is passionately invested in solving the world’s biggest sustainability and health & wellness problems. We exist during a crucial moment in time and the company intends to become ‘the’ trailblazer in re-organizing the patterns of agricultural processing and industrial activity. Over the last 50 years, we have seen our supply chains become centralized overseas and our objective is to leverage the properties of supercritical CO2 to decentralized and localizes sustainable processing and manufacturing.

The Circular Economy is Going to Be A Supercritical Economy

We are seeking to develop radical innovations around developing circular economies, sequestering carbon, and creating value out of supercritical CO2. Solving sustainability problems is the biggest opportunity
of our generation. 


The company that can create the most value from captured CO2 is poised to become a massive long-term success. This ‘Carbon Revolution’ or ‘Supercritical Economy’ will enhance our standards of living in ways that we never thought possible. Supercritical technology will have an impact on all areas of the economy and will specifically impact agriculture and manufacturing. More importantly, the Supercritical Economy will improve the middle class, our healthcare, and bring a record amount of people out of poverty. 


Sustainability icon and richest person in the world Elon Musk has also spent time talking about the CO2 dilemma. One of the world’s greatest visionaries believes natural solutions such as proper land management and tree planting will be important, but in 10-20 years there will be a high demand for “ultra-large scale” carbon capture facilities. What Elon doesn’t know yet is that supercritical CO2 will play a role in developing these ‘ultra-large scale’ campuses and it will serve as an (1) agriculture processing center, (2) manufacturing center, and (3) recycling center. Carver CO2 is positioning ourselves to be the company that sees this vision to fruition. 

Supercritical CO2 is going to become the backbone of sustainable and circular economies. Our team is going to utilize ‘carbon capture technology and ‘supercritical CO2’ to process agricultural raw materials, manufacture products, and recycle products and packaging at the end of life. We will have the capabilities to  manufacture (1) building materials, (2) consumer packaged goods (CPGs), (3) healthcare products, and even (4) space materials. We use CO2 capture technology and supercritical CO2 to  support farmers, producers, manufactures, brands, builders, retailers, and government organizations on their journey to build circular economies. Supercritical CO2 bio-refineries will play an important role in the development of sustainable and circular economies and CO2 technology will become the backbone of the new green economy.

The American people want sustainable goods and Carver CO2 will be positioned to meet the changing demands of consumers in America and across the globe. We plan to develop the world’s first decentralized network of processors and manufacturers that utilize captured CO2 to enhance the value of life on earth. The concept of creating value from CO2 is expected to be a one trillion dollar industry by 2030. Other sources believe the global market for CO2 manufactured products may be 5.3 trillion. $1.3 trillion of this includes building materials. 

Supercritical CO2 supply chains will lead the way in developing advanced materials for the 4th industrial revolution, circular economies and the space race. Harnessing the power of CO2 will allow us to create more value out of less. It's going to usher in an era of exponential growth in living standards and remove all traditional ‘natural resource restrictions’. It’s going to minimize our need to exploit the earth and optimize our relationship with the natural world.

Carver CO2 believes supercritical CO2 and carbon capture technology will not only dominate our industrial processes (energy production, processing, manufacturing, and recycling) of the future, but it will be used on a residential leve to improve the energy efficiency of homes. Supercritical CO2 has the potential to clean clothes and dishes, sterilize waste, produce water, refrigerate, and cool and heat homes. The ultimate off-the-grid building of the future will include carbon capture and supercritical CO2 technology. 


At the end of the day CO2 emission is a waste management problem that has not been accounted for over the last 200 years. Carver CO2 exists to optimize the value created by carbon capture technology and supercritical CO2.

Off-the-grid Manufacturing


Imagine a world where sustainable energy is used to suck CO2 out of the air and this CO2 is used to create the most sustainable and advanced materials and products of the 21st century. CO2 may be combined with a catalyst to produce advanced and nano materials or it may be compressed and used in liquid or supercritical manufacturing processes. There are a handful of startup companies that are pursuing CO2 capture devices or developing supercritical CO2 equipment, but to date, no company has attempted to develop a custom bio-refinery platform that is built on CO2. The Carver CO2 bio-refinery platform will empower farmers and become the backbone of circular economies and advanced material production. 

We believe in “restorative and off the grid manufacturing”. CO2 bio-refineries will allow us to develop a circular economy surrounding natural fibers. We are developing a new standard for sustainable bio-refineries and filling a massive hole in agriculture and manufacturing marketplaces. 

Carbon capture and storage techniques are rapidly developing, but previous efforts have struggled due to the lack of value that is created during these processes. Carver CO2 intends to flip the script by developing a supply chain and business model that focuses on creating high-value and high-profit margin products and business models as opposed to focusing on low-value fuels. By focusing on value-added raw materials and products we will be able to use the revenue streams to make carbon neutral and carbon negative products financially viable. 

Carver CO2 is the first business model and technology platform that is poised to transition the global society away from fossil fuels and un-renewable resources by creating more VALUE using supercritical CO2 and regenerative agriculture. We are a purpose-based processing, manufacturing and building company that is going to redefine our relationship with CO2 and natural resources. There is also no better time in history to be investing in green technology.


We’ve never had so many big problems to solve and now is the time to invest in reshaping the backbone and the foundation of our supply chains. Carver CO2 intends to do just this and we ask for your investment and your professional advice as we develop our company and technology. 

The commitment from long-term investors will allow the company to fully focus on dealing with sustainability challenges that face 21st century supply chains and create long term revenue opportunities for the company. Our purpose is to solve industries biggest sustainability problems and work with industries biggest brands. More specifically, Carver CO2 will become a multi- billion-dollar company by solving industrial problems of the biggest companies in the world. We are going to lead the world in building more transparency and sustainable supply chains and are going to eliminate many problems that are associated with energy and water consumption. We are going to experience rapid growth by being flexible, transparent, creating strategic partnerships, and focusing on distribution. We have the technology, team, and we need the funding to meet the demands of a rapidly growing market. 

Thank you for your time,
Scott Sondles
Founder & CEO

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