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Named After A Legend

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About: About Us

01/ Named After A Legend

“Always help the furthest man down” – George Washington Carver

Carver CO2 is named after one of the greatest scientists, agriculturalists, and inventors of all time, George Washington Carver (GWC). GWC represented self-sufficiency and sustainability before its time and was one of the first scientists who understood the connection between human and environmental health. Carver is most known for his work with peanuts, but his achievements are diverse and his story is often under-appreciated.


At Carver CO2 we seek to pay respect to Mr. Carver's legacy and resurrect the chemurgy movement that he led with his industrialist friend Henry Ford.  Carver's vision was to build and manufacturer products using the endless supply of farm materials and Ford built upon Carver's vision and believed that that modern automobiles would be made from plant plastics that were reinforced with natural fibers. The Carver CO2 bio-refinery and technology platform is going to turn their visions into reality.  Carver's rare genius inspired Ford and he inspires our team to build a better tomorrow.

GWC was more than just a scientist, and Carver CO2 is more than just a company, we’re here for humanity. We represent artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and biologists. We build products for universal people and organizations. At Carver CO2 we're about staying above the ruts of society. 

01/ About Carver CO2

Carver CO2 is positioning ourselves to be the leaders at producing high performing carbon negative building products. 

We are creating the new standard for what building materials should be. We aren't just raising the bar in the hempcrete industry, but we're improving the mechanical properties of hempcrete products to the point where they are going to become the preferred building material for green designers, builders, developers, corporations, nonprofits, and off-the-grid home owners. We are redefining how the building community views hempcrete and carbon negative building. We don't justjust manufactured building materials, we empower creatives to build places and communities that remarkable experiences.


We are building a foundation for a sustainable and circular economy. 

Carbon Utilization will have a bigger impact on our environmental and creating circular economies than carbon sequestration. We're DRIVEN to make circular economies a reality and decentralized our supply chains.

The highest quality raw material, products, and advanced materials will be made using supercritical CO2 and carbon capture technology. 

We believe lime-binders and hemp raw materials will become dominant raw materials in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly building revolution. There are more reasons to use lime and hemp than traditional concrete. We believe that its impossible to create breathable and energy efficient homes when you use traditional concrete designs. Hempcrete outperforms traditional concrete when it comes to optimizing the indoor environment and creating an energy efficient passive home. 


“Always help the furthest man down” – George Washington Carver

As the population of the Earth continues to increase, businesses throughout the world will need to better understandstart looking for more efficient ways to meet their consumer’s needs.  While meeting our current and future customer's needs we like to keep these key values in mind. 

  • Be Product and Consumer Focused - (Durability, Performance, Affordable, & Eco-friendly)

  • Be a Contrarian

  • Speak with Candor (transparency)

  • Be Optimistic

  • Be Intrinsically Motivated

Our company is led by entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals who are committed to shaking up the status quo int he building and construction markets. 


We are putting the "industrial" back into industrial hemp. Our mission is to standardize hempcrete buildings while revolutionziing agriculture processing and manufacturing. 

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Carver CO2's building products and business model came to life through multiple conversations that our Founder had with his Grandpa. We believe that it is each generations responsibility to fix the shortfalls and problems that were identified by previous generations and Carver CO2 was born out of collaborative discussion about what the world use to be and what the world is going to be. 

The vision for Carver CO2 was developed through dynamic conversations that our Founder, Scott Sondles had with his elder grandpa. Scott's elder was a former concrete guru for Battelle and Scott had become educated on CO2 technology while working as a supercritical CO2 sales engineer. Prior to focusing solely on building materials, Scott had first conceptualized the idea of creating regional supercritical CO2 biorefineries and manufacturing facilities. It was conversations with his grandpa that inspired him to focus on the green building industry and replacing traditional concrete. With a narrowed focus on the development of carbon negative and high performance building materials, Carver CO2 was launched in late 2020. 

What's with the name? 

Carver CO2 is named after one of the great scientists and inventors of all time, George Washington Carver. "CO2" was added to the name to recognize our carbon-negative building materials and our long-term vision of building the world's first CO2 biorefinery and manufacturing hub. 

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