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Innovation is created from technology breathroughs, discoveries, and joint collaboration. We seek to work with our strategic partners to bring new products and business models to market. We believe that the human mind and collaboration can solve all of the challenges that we face.


In order to be a disruptive force, we're going to need some disruptive partners. We're committed to building circular economies through strategic partnerships and we're excited to give our partners the opportunity to create value out of captured CO2. We see major advantages for our partners and customers that embrace carbon negative building products and strategies. 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Limestone & Concrete Producers

We need your raw materials and we want to help you capture CO2 and create net-zero building materials. Licensing opportunities are available.

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Energy Producers

We're looking to explore opportunities with some of the top energy producers and CO2 emitters in the world. Carbon utilization strategies are key to long-term success and we seek to create synergies with local energy producers. 

Image by Breno Assis
Real Estate

Real Estate Developers

We're looking to help real estate developers and builders meet their client's net-zero and energy efficiency goals. We work with both residential and commercial builders. 

Image by Elevate
CO2 Producers

Breweries And Distillers

Local breweries and distillers are a major element of every great community, but they also produce a lot of CO2. We seek to partner with these groups to capture their CO2 and put it to good use. Capturing CO2 from fermention is one of the most efficient carbon capture methods

Image by Martin Adams
CO2 Capture

CO2 Sequestration Companies

We're actively looking to partner with companies that are the front lines of capturing CO2 from CO2 emitters and the atmosphere. 

Image by Lili Kovac
Do It Yourself

Off-the-grid Self Home Builders

Our building products and systems are going to be tailor-made for self-builders and people that are looking for their get-away retreat.

Image by Noah Buscher

Hemp Farmers

Building materials need to be made locally and Carver CO2 is always looking to expand our network of regenerative farmers that are looking to diversify with hemp. We are putting the "industrial" back into industrial hemp. 


Green Building Professionals

In order to have an impact we have to capture the minds and imagination of the world's top green building professionals. 

Image by Sigmund


Every major corporation in the world is in the business of going green. As of 2020 there are already over 1,000 companies that have committed to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and their combined market cap is roughly $15.4 trillion.

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