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Get Inspiration: Collection of Hempcrete Buildings

Updated: May 27, 2021

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1st hempcrete house built in America is in Asheville NC and was built in 2010. The 3,400 square foot house highlights how hempcrete can meet the demands of mainstream modern designs. The walls have an insulating value of r-2.5 per inch and the high thermal mass helps to keep the indoor temperature stable. The builder estimated that is cost $133 per square foot.

Israel is known as the birthplace of modern day medical cannabis research, but its also home to one of the most beautiful hempcrete homes. The house was designed by Maoz Alon and his firm Tav Group that specializes in environmentally friendly homes. Oh yea, the house is also overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Hempcrete is great for real estate developers and sustainable condo and apartment complexes.

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