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Products & Intellectual Property

Carver CO2 is currently offering our consulting and building services to individuals and organizations that are looking to start building with traditional hempcrete product ASAP, but we're also looking to shake the construction industry up by pioneering a patent-pending process to build hempcrete bricks, blocks, boards, and shingles. These precast products will provide many of the same benefits as traditional hempcrete buildings, but they're designed to provide contractors with a reliable material that may be installed quicker. 

Carver Bricks & Blocks

Traditional hempcrete isn't load-bearing and this is why we have invested time, money, and energy into finding the best way to create a load bearing hempcrete product. We are currently doing R&D on a load-bearing brick and thermal insulation brick. By 2027 it is expected the globe will need approximately 1 trillion building blocks annually. 

Image by Jon Sailer

Carver Board

Move over cement boards, Carver Boards have the same flexibility, durability, and good looks, but are breathable and sustainably manufactured. These products may be used for flooring, siding, and other applications. 

Image by Daniel Janzen

Carver Shingles

Modern day roofing solutions are not sustainable or energy efficient. Carver Shingles will have the ability to be fully customized and will be some of the longest last roofing products on the market. 

Image by Austin Walker
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