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Carver CO2 isn't your typical building company, we're a whole lot more and we're looking for investors to turn our circular economy vision into reality. 

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The vision for Carver CO2 came from our Founder Scott Sondles. He's naturally curious about the natural world and is is intrinsically motivated to find market-based solutions to our solve our biggest environmental problems. 

Precast hempcrete products and prefabricate buildings kits will be the first products that Carver CO2 is going to launch, but these products are just the start of a long term vision that is built around utilizing CO2 and building a CO2 biorefinery and manufacturing hub. 

By filling out our investor inquiry form you'll get a follow up email directly from our Founder and if you meet our investor qualifications you'll also receive our executive overview and a request to chat. If you don't qualified as an accredited investor, but would like to stay up-to-date with our product launch please  signup to our newsletter here. Our early newsletter subscribers will exclusive pre-sale discounts for our prefabricated home models. If you're a potential investor or strategic partner please see the form at the bottom of this page. 

The Future Belongs to the Bold & Curious

To learn more about our investment opportunity please contact us below and tell us about who you are and why you're looking to invest. 

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We're looking for stratgegic investors that are committed to commercializing green technologies. 

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